School Bus



Welcome to After School at Sangrock! Our program will greatly enhance your child’s self-confidence and concentration, for a better head-start in life. This program not only helps children improve their grades in school, but also prepares them to excel in life’s challenges. We focus on all aspects of development, including physical, social, emotional and intellectual. Our primary goal is to provide an environment conducive to the overall healthy development of each child.

Our Program Includes:

  • Taekwondo training five days a week. Students practice all their requirements and prepare for their next belt.

  • Dedicated Homework Time with assistance

  • Reading  Time with duration based on Grade ( Average of 30 minutes each day)

  • Enriching Worksheets and Extra Learning Practices (e.g., Math, Spelling, States, Countries, etc.)

After School Pick-Up List:

  • New Town Elementary

  • Rocky River Elementary

  • Sun Valley Primary School

  • Weddington Elementary

  • Wesley Chapel Elementary

  • Sun Valley Elementary

Call us for more information 704-821-0829