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Our Black Belt World family is best poised to spread the message of empowerment through education around the world. In 2007, we laid the first bricks of the Ekta (Oneness) Center in Ganpatipur Barapur, India. This village of several hundred does not enjoy the luxuries we share in America, but they are rich in their pride, heritage and identity.


Today, Ekta Center stands on 3150 sq. feet, operates on solar power, and supports over 100 students. Where once students traveled to neighboring villages for their primary education, now they learn reading, writing, and math in their own village. Taekwondo continues to offer other skills such as Self-Defense and Health and Fitness education.  When not being used for children, it serves as a vocational school for adults – giving them the skills to pursue opportunities that may have otherwise been out of reach. We hope to make Ekta Center an example for other villages in the region.


Everything that we do at the Ekta Center is built upon our three foundation pillars that arise from our core values: leadership, education, and empowerment. By empowering those who would normally be severely limited by the circumstances, we aim to help them build their self-confidence through skills, which can then transfer to overall community development. Sign up for our newsletter to see our progress and support our cause!


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