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Tae Kwon Do in Waxhaw

Sangrock Black Belt World: Tae Kwon Do in Waxhaw

Are you searching for Taekwondo near me in Waxhaw? In 1980 Grand Master Abhai Singh Rathore established Sangrock International Taekwondo in New Delhi, India. Almost two decades later, we partnered with Black Belt World and expanded Sangrock Int’l to Sangrock Black Belt World. Today, we've earned our reputation in Mecklenburg County NC and Union County NC as the most comprehensive and holistic Taekwondo in the area.

Tae, meaning foot. Kwon, fist, or fight. And Do stands for discipline and maintaining self-control. Tae Kwon Do in Waxhaw at Sangrock Black Belt World builds self-confidence, teaches discipline, and can even be a competitive team sport. Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport, characterized by its emphasis on flexibility, speed, and a wide array of kicking techniques.

Taekwondo is a team sport where students motivate and train with each other. If you're searching for Taekwondo near me to learn a new sport or get regular exercise, you'll find that Tae Kwon Do in Waxhaw helps you overcome personal barriers, build leadership skills, and so much more.

Sangrock Black Belt World is a family-oriented institution, offering Tae Kwon Do in Waxhaw for children from three years to teens and adults. Our family atmosphere offers a community to help students build confidence with hard work and commitment. Our buzz words are Courtesy, Integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. That's what we stand for here at Sangrock Black Belt World.

Our students achieve success through careful physical and mental training with regular adult classes, after school programs, and summer camp. Are you ready to start training? Sangrock members can work out and train at home through Zoom, too. If you're searching for Taekwondo near me, contact Sangrock Black Belt World to get started.

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