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Martial Arts Class


- Beginning

- Intermediate

- Advanced


Sangrock Evolution program is a comprehensive self-defense program, designed to guide students from white belt to black belt and beyond.

The program not only focuses on the comprehension of practical self-defense techniques, but also the importance of learning and strengthening mental abilities that are indispensable for the mastery of Taekwondo and one's self. 

Balancing the physical, mental, and spiritual of martial arts self-defense is the cornerstone of training at Sangrock.

Students will progress through 3 stage processes, with each stage emphasizing a new skill set. These stages are:

1. Beginner - Basic skills

2. Intermediate - Leadership Skills

3. Advanced - Black Belt Skills

In each stage the student earns access to new benefits that enhance their Taekwondo training, and will bring them one step closer to achieving their Black Belt Rank.

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