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Give us a call to register!

Wesley Chapel – (704) 821-0829 

At Sangrock Summer Camp, we keep our young leaders entertained all Summer long; in a fun, safe, and structured atmosphere. Truth, honesty, and respect are partnered with discipline, teamwork, and self-control, to create a camp that’s not just fun, but educational and inspiring!


Welcome to Camp Sangrock 2023!


Our program is designed for children ages 4-13, with Campers divided into one of four groups based on age.

Blue Group – 4 Years Old

Green Group – 5-6 Years Old

Red Group – 7-8 Years Old

Purple Group –  9-13 Years Old


8 uniquely themed weeks including field trips, Arts & Crafts, Swimming, and more, will keep your Camper learning, growing, and having tons of fun all Summer long!



Week 1 – Super Hero Week

Bullying occurs every day in schools and the most unexpected places. Channel your inner superhero by learning how to recognize the signs of bullying and handle them with self-control and confidence. Campers will learn about teamwork and building strong relationships while participating in the anti-bullying week. Other activities: Bowling, Arts & Crafts, Park, Ice Cream Truck, Movie, and Swimming!

Week 2 -Super Smash Bros Week

Challenge yourself with the number of boards you can smash at the Break-A-Thon this week. All the while, engage yourself in the ultimate battle of the summer with the Sangrock Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament.  Other activities include Game Truck, Arts & Crafts, Ice Cream Truck, Movie, and Swimming!

Week 3 – Mystery Week

Our Dear Friend has gone missing! Discover what happened to him as the school transforms into a giant escape room, clouded with puzzles and games to gain clues to solve the mystery! Campers will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills! Other activities: Pottery, Arts & Crafts, Park Ice Cream Truck Swimming, and a movie.

Week 4 – American Dreamin’

In lieu of the Fourth of July, campers will celebrate the spirit of patriotism with a fun week filled with crafts such as tie-dye shirts and face-painting and Waxhaw Museum. Don’t forget to wear your patriotic shirts to celebrate Independence Day! Other activities include Game Truck, Arts & crafts, Ice Cream Truck, Swimming, and a Movie!

Week 5 – Spooky Week

Learn about teamwork, confidence, and perseverance as you attempt to last a spooky week with dangers around every corner. Navigate through a haunted, using teamwork and courage to find all the gems.               Other activities include Big Air, Arts & Crafts, Park, Ice Cream Truck, Movie, and Swimming!

Week 6 – Laser Blast Week

A chain is only as big as its weakest link, and the same can be said of a team of its members. Campers will learn how the strength of the individual can impact the team and how taking pride in your duties can help you do your best all while participating in laser-tag games. Other activities include Bowling, Arts & Crafts, Park, Ice Cream Truck, Movie, and Swimming!

Week 7 – Tournament Week

Taekwondo Competition is a great way to improve oneself; it provides a big boost in confidence and shows us where we excel, and where more work is needed. We believe learning to be a good loser, creates winners in life. Campers will have the opportunity to win trophies or medals in a Taekwondo Tournament! Other activities include Arts & Crafts, Park, Ice Cream Truck, Movie, and Swimming!

Week 8 – Nerf Gun Blast Week 

Focus and accuracy can make all the difference when it comes to reaching your goal, and hitting the target! Campers will learn about setting Taekwondo and life goals, working towards them, and staying focused on the course! We'll also have NERF battles and challenges, so prepare your NERF Blaster and Ammo! Other activities include Arts & Crafts, Park, Ice Cream Truck, Swimming, and a Movie!


 We look forward to making this summer the most spectacular yet! 

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