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Black Belt World

Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.


Training in Taekwondo and learning new skills will give you the confidence you need to face challenges head on.


Taekwondo greatly increases your focus and enhances your discipline.


Taekwondo teaches you practical and effective self-defense skills to protect yourself and others.


Taekwondo is great for your mind, body, and soul.


Sangrock Black Belt World is an educational, family-oriented institution, that offers focused instruction for children as young as 3 years to teens and adults, to achieve a strong mind and body built upon traditional values and morals.


We strive to have a family atmosphere where our students feel that they are a part of something truly amazing. This is not a business with customers, but a teacher and student relationship that develops over time with hard work and commitment.


Success comes through confidence. Our careful physical and mental training give you a feeling of security and confidence in a family atmosphere with a non-violent proven teaching method.

meet the team

Grand Master Abhai Singh Rathore

Grand Master Singh established Sangrock Black Belt World in Matthews & Charlotte in 1998 NC. Grand Master Singh is the founder of Black Belt World India.Born in India, Grand Master Abhai Singh Rathore is a 8th Dan Black Belt. 

Master Carlos Pesantez

Master Carlos Pesantez is a native of Ecuador, South America.  Master Carlos is a 6th Dan is our Head instructor in Wesley Chapel.

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